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The articles published in this blog deal with several topics, including issues relating to health, migration, social issues, bioethics, and others.

It is hoped that, in this way, articles which have appeared for a single day in a Sunday paper, will be available for perusal for considerably longer period of time.


Three generations of Maltese in Australia: A picture through surveys of the population

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In Australia, almost 50 per cent of the population were born overseas or had parents who were born overseas, a percentage which is bound to increase in the coming years. This has enabled this country to increase its population from just over 7 million in the immediate post-war period to 24 million in 2016, an increase of over 300 per cent.  Maltese and their offspring have contributed several hundred thousand to this increase in population.

In this report we look at surveys which cover all three generations of this population, starting with the aged, followed by the second and third generations. Continue reading