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How Catholicism is viewed in Australia

There is no doubt that the status of Catholicism in Australia is currently at a nadir, partly as a result of the bad publicity associated with the case and conviction of Cardinal Pell, the Vatican’s most senior official. Many non-Catholics … Continue reading

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Has the internet ruined our children?

Our internet-dependent children (‘iGeners’) are hooked on electronic gadgetry, and, like fish out of water, cannot live without them. Research has shown that the incidence of depressive disorders in adolescents has practically exploded, in females much more than in males. … Continue reading

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Sophia’s problems

A recent ‘current affairs’ programme emphasised the accoutrements of a pretty doll equipped with not just a pretty face that can flutter eyelashes and say a few words in Maltese – which many dolls can do these days –  but … Continue reading

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Writing is on the wall, but it’s not in Maltese

A living language is one that changes slowly with the times. A dead language is one that had been overcome by overpowering dominant influences. As someone who has witnessed the Maltese language disappearing at an increasing rate in generation after … Continue reading

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Crimes against children

One of the major topics of discussion in Australia has been the publication of recommendations of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Abuse set up to investigate child sexual abuse. Over the past five years the Commission has … Continue reading

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The Future of Maltese Folksong

For the vast majority of us, Maltese folk-singing (Għana) is at best a closed book, a genre which we cannot understand. At worst it is a monotonous wail practiced in backward villages in the past, and  soon to disappear. In … Continue reading

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